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5 tips to keep household pests away

5 tips to keep household pests away


There's nothing like warmer weather and sunshine to wake you up and make you feel ready for summer.  Unfortunately, the same goes for our creepy crawly little household pests.

Here are some tips to help either combat or prevent household pests from invading your homes.

Standing water

Insects of all kinds are attracted to standing water. A swimming pool is party territory for them.  If you have standing water in watering cans, wheelbarrows or a constantly running garden tap you are sending out an invitation for all bugs in the area to hang out in your garden.  Eliminate standing water and you eliminate a lot of insects.  This is particularly true of mosquitoes who seek out standing water to breed.

Secure the fortress

Small insects only need a tiny entrance to invade your home.  Make sure you keep entry points to a minimum by applying strips around windows and doors, putting fly screens on windows and fixing or filling any obvious gaps, cracks and holes.

Rat control products

Don't feed the wildlife

Would you consider putting a bowl of food out to feed mice, rats, mosquitoes or flies? Probably not, right?  But you might be doing just that without realising it.
If your dry pet food or dog biscuits are spilling out everywhere in the garage or shed, then you are providing a tasty ready meal for any passing rodent. Keep pet food in airtight containers. Equally, copious quantities of bird seed might keep the local bird population well-nourished, but it is doing exactly the same for Mr and Mrs Rat.
If you've been lucky enough to spend Sunday in the garden enjoying some tasty treat or a family barbecue, clean up any fallen food or spillages and make sure your rubbish bins are secure.

Plant smart

Rosemary deters pests

The plants you have around your house can affect the insects that are attracted to your home.  Rosemary deters most insects, so place some pots of it around the entrances to your home.  You can also choose plants to increase the "good bug" population. These are the guys that will feed on the "bad bugs".  Choose flowers like alyssum, sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds.  They will bloom beautifully every year and give you a steady supply of good guys.

Know when you need help

If your DIY pest control is getting you nowhere with household pests and you feel like you're losing the battle, call in the professionals to help you win the war. They can help you with safe, effective, humane ways to take care of every pest from bed bugs to rats

About Samantha Torrance

Samantha is the person that you will chat with on our "Live Chat" she has a wealth of knowledge on all of the the many household pests that our customers come up against and has a RSPH Certificate in Pest Management. After many years of dealing with your problems and experiences she has the answer to all your pest control questions..

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