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How to get rid of fruit flies - Simple, effective steps

How to get rid of fruit flies


What are fruit flies?

Fruit flies are a very small oval fly that usually grow to around 1/8th of an inch length. Their abdomen is black black but mainly have a tan looking appearance. They often have red eyes but it is also possible for them to have dark coloured eyes. Fruit flies can cause issues such as contaminating food, spreading illness and being a nuisance in general.

male and female fruit fly


What causes a fruit fly infestation? 

Infestations of fruit flies are caused by fermenting food left around or easily accessible areas of food. They are attracted by rotting food as these are moist and perfect conditions to lay eggs and reproduce. Fruit flies are tiny creatures and can enter any area through the smallest of cracks or crevices, so it's super important to properly proof your home. As well as breeding in your home this pest can also breed in dustbins, empty bottles and tins, mops and large areas of spilt drinks.


How to get rid of fruit flies

Once you know that you have a fruit fly infestation all potential breeding areas must be located and eliminated. Failure to do this properly will prolong the problem and the flies will never really go away. The key is to find the source of the initial attraction and properly treat the area with professional products. Follow our simple steps below to efficiently kill fruit flies.

  1. Remove the initial source of attraction
  2. Once the source of attraction has been eliminated, a pyrethrum based aerosol insecticide will kill any remaining flies in the area.
  3. You could also hang a fruit fly trap above the area to ensure full eradication of the pest.
  4. We also recommend using a smoke bomb to diffuse the area effectively. 
  5. If you still notice fruit flies then repeat these steps and ensure no food is fermenting in your home.

    fruit fly sticky tape

      How can I prevent fruit flies?

      After dealing with a fruit fly infestation you will want to make sure that you don't get them again. Below are some steps you can actively undertake.

      • Slow down the ripening of fruit and vegetables by keeping them refrigerated. 
      • Ensure any fruit stored on countertops is washed and well covered.
      • Remove any rubbish that could attract the flies and often empty bins.
      • If a sticky liquid is spilt on an area make sure it is properly cleaned up.
      • Seal up large cracks and crevices and keep windows near food sources closed.

        covered fruit from fruit fly 


        What fruit fly control products are the best?

        At DIY Pest Control we stock a wide range of fruit fly control products that are super effective in dealing with any fruit fly infestation. From smoke bombs, insect traps and electric fly killers we have it all. Below are our best selling products for controlling fruit flies.


        Protector Natural Insecticide Aerosol

        Protector Natural Insecticide Aerosol

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