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How to Rodent Proof Your Home

Rodents and the Rain


Do Rodents Come Out In The Rain ?

With all the rainfall and flooding some areas of the country are currently enduring we might consider also the affect on our wildlife in particular rats and mice. People often say “it must have been the rain that brought the rats out.” The rain’s supposed effect on rodents is a common belief, but is it true?

In the most general sense, all types of rodents prefer a warm, dry place to live and nest. Some types of rodents live in shelter that may be more prone to become wet from rain.

Norway Rats and wild mice mainly live in underground burrows that are certainly more susceptible to flooding. A heavy downpour could flood their burrows and force the rodents to find new shelter. With the above said, I would say “yes” that rodents are more likely to leave their burrow or nest if there is rain. This is certainly due to eliminating one of the two requirements that rodents have for a home, dry and warm.

How do I rodent proof my home?

One of the first things to do is to ensure as far as you can is that there is no easy access into your home or business. Mice in particular can squeeze through very small openings, around pipes or damaged air bricks for example. Rats are very competent climbers and can scale a wall to gain access.

We have a selection of pest proofing products that can help prevent rodent entry into your home and business.

Mousestop Proofing Paste

Mousestop Rodent Proofing Paste is an animal friendly non-toxic, hard setting paste that is waterproof and able to be painted over. Perfect for sealing those small cracks that mice can access or gaps around pipes.

1 tube price = £9.12 each
4 tube price = £8.28 each
12 tube price = £7.62 each

Arctic Steel Wool Pest Excluder

Arctic Steel Wool Pest Excluder 450g is a high quality steel wool suitable for blocking rodent access holes.

1 pack price = £9.60

No Nonsense Expanding Foam

No Nonsense Expanding Foam comes in a large 750ml value for money size to ensure you have enough product for an average house sealing exercise.

1 can price = £9.60

Mouse Mesh Grills

These mouse mesh grills are an easy to install preventative measure to stop a wide range of pests from entering buildings via an air-brick.

Small = £10.74
Medium = £14.10 

Control Products - Rat Traps

If you are unfortunate enough to discover that your proofing steps have been breached then you need to take further action to avoid damage to the fabric of your building. This can be by the use of traps or poisons or most likely a combination of both.

Trapper T Rex Rat Trap

The Trapper T Rex Rat Trap gives superior trapping power. It combines trigger sensitivity with the exact trap velocity needed to capture and hold rats.

1 trap price = £7.74 each
3 trap price = £6.84 each

Snap E Rat Trap

With the Snap E Rat Trap, it's the end of the road for rats and other pesky rodents. The quick response time makes certain that once caught, the rat stays caught!

1 trap price = £5.16 each
3 trap price = £4.50 each

Control Products - Mice Traps

Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap

Victor Clean-Kill Mouse Traps are sold in a pack of two traps. A practical and quick acting device this trap was designed by experts with accuracy and hygiene in mind.

1 pack price = £6.72

Bell Hidden Kill Mouse Trap

The Hidden Kill Mouse Trap is an economical choice for those looking for a discreet option for trapping mice.

1 pair price = £5.46 pair
3 pair price = £4.86 pair

Snap E Mouse Trap

The Snap E mouse trap is escape proof and the innovative design ensures you'll never touch another mouse. The mechanism is smart, the materials are rugged.

1 trap price = £2.46 each
5 trap price = £2.16 each

Trapper Mini Rex Mouse Trap

Trapper Mini Rex is an extra strength mouse snap trap. A smaller, mouse-size version of the powerful T-Rex Rat Trap,Trapper Mini-Rex embodies the most up-to-date snap trap design and technology.

1 trap price = £2.46 each
5 trap price = £2.10 each

Trapper Clockwork Mouse Trap

Trapper Clockwork Humane Mouse Trap is a multiple-catch mouse trap that holds up to 15 mice. It is a winding trap with a clear view top.

1 trap price = £15.54

Trip Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap

Trip Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap is a very efficient and 'stylish' single live-catch mouse trap. It has a simple but efficient one way door.

1 trap price = £5.04 each

Control Products - Rat and Mouse Poisons

Rentokil Rat Killer Grain Bait

1 box price = £5.94 each
3 box price = £5.16 each

Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait

This ready to use poison is perfect for amateur use and the handy pack contains 6 x 25g sachets for indoor and outdoor use.

1 pack price = £5.70 each
3 pack price = £4.98 each

Rentokil Rat and Mouse Weatherproof Blocks

Rentokil Rat and Mouse Weatherproof Blocks is a 'ready to use' rodenticide bait for AMATEUR USE, containing 0.0025% brodifacoum.

1 tub price = £7.50 each
3 tub price = £6.52 each

Rodex Whole Wheat Rat Poison Sachets

Rodex Whole Rat Poison comes in 150g sachets of whole wheat containing 0.0025% w/w bromadiolone. They are ideal for throwing into inaccessible places where they will stay dry until a rodent comes along, chews into the bag and eats the bait.

1 pack price = £9.06 each (5 sachets)
3 pack price = £25.56 each (15 sachets)

Romax D Block Rat and Mouse Killer

Romax D Block Rat and Mouse Killer are poison bait blocks for amateur use against rats and mice.

1 tub price = £6.78 each
3 tub price = £5.92 each

Knock Out Rat and Mouse Killer Pasta Bait

Knockout Rat and Mouse Killer Pasta is a non-professional use product for the eradication of rats and mice.

1 box price = £9.06 

Racan Mouse Killer Paste

Racan Rapid x 24 paste sachets formulated with patented micro encapsulations technology to ensure mice hit a lethal dose from as little as a mouthful.

1 box price = £14.58 each
2 box price = £12.84 each

Roban Cut Wheat Poison Bait

Roban Cut Wheat Mouse Poison comes in 40g sachets of cut wheat, containing 0.0025% w/w difenacoum, specifically designed for the control of mice, although it is also effective for controlling rat

1 pack price = £5.22 each (10 sachets)
3 pack price = £4.88 each (30 sachets)


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