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Are Super Rats Real?

Super Rats


What are super rats?

The idea of super rats was developed from an idea that some species of rat have developed a resistance to bait laid out and rat poison. This is caused by certain pest control methods failing to exterminate rats properly. To fully understand the idea of super rats showing resistance to bait we need to understand what resistance means.


When looking at the theory that super rats are resistant to rodent bait we need to clear up what isn’t considered as resistance. For example:

  • Bait Shyness – This relates to a rodent’s natural instinct to be cautious of new and unknown substances. We don’t regard this as resistance because once the rodent becomes used to it they will feed on the bait.
  • Poor Palatability – Sometimes rats will just dislike the taste of the bait laid down. Rats can’t vomit like us so they have to lick the food to test if it is safe to eat.
  • Neophobia – Rats are very hesitant and will only usually feed on the same trusted sources and eat from where other rats eat. Research shows that rats are fearful of new things, so when new bait is placed this can cause issues and the rat can avoid the bait entirely.

What factors are considered ineffective rodent control ?

It is important to carry out effective rodent control as this will save you money on bait and rat poison and will remove the rodents much quicker from your home. However, there are some instances which lead to ineffective rodent control.

  1. Not discovering all parts of an infestation
  2. Not placing down a sufficient amount of bait
  3. Not targeting every affected area
  4. Not leaving bait long enough to be effective
  5. Not replenishing bait enough

These factors can all lead to ineffective rodent control and NOT because of super rats which are resistant to bait and poison! Make sure to follow our product guides to control rodents effectively. Furthermore, get in touch with a member of our team for more advice.

What is considered resistance ?

When looking at what could be considered resistance, the only theory would be genetics. A rodent’s resistance to bait and rat poison comes down to genetics. Genetic mutations can cause certain rodents to have a reduced sensitivity to the rat poison.

Similar to antibiotics a rodent’s resistance to rat poison has been increased through poor execution of poison methods and under baiting. These factors combined make rats partially susceptible to the bait.

What products can I use for effective rodent control ?

 As mentioned previously all of our rat poison, bait and bait boxes are very effective at removing rodents when used correctly. At DIY Pest Control we sell all you need to remove rodents quickly and efficiently. Below we have listed some of our more popular rodent control products for you to use…

 Product 1: Rodex Whole Wheat Rat Posion

Rodex whole wheat rat poison comes in 150g sachets of whole wheat ready for use. These are ideal for throwing into inaccessible areas where the rodent will eventually chew through the bag, consuming the poison. This rat poison is highly effective when used correctly. These are available with our multi-buy offer too!

Product 2: Rentokil Rat Killer Grain Bait 150g

This rat killer from Rentokil contains ready to use loose grain bait for amateur use. Each pack contains 3 x 50g sachets for indoor and outdoor use against rats. Kills in one feed. Make sure to check out our multi buy offers on this rat poison.

Product 3: Rentokil Rat Weatherproof Blocks 200g

Another highly effective rat killer from Rentokil. This product contains ready to use blocks for amateur use. These are proven to control the toughest infestations. These can kill up to 16 rats!

So... do super rats exist ?

Simply, yes super rats exist but not in the sense that these rats are unstoppable. All this means is that a handful of rats have built up a resistance to certain baits caused by complacency of using rat poison and certain genetics. Make sure you read our guides on how to use the rat poison you have purchased effectively.

Super rats are nothing to worry about and can certainly be removed with all of our products available on our site. Some infestations may require more thorough placing of bait and more use of bait. If you are unsure on how much bait you need feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. 

A super rats infographic designed by Rentokil
Courtesy of: Rentokil

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Samantha is the person that you will chat with on our "Live Chat" she has a wealth of knowledge on all of the the many household pests that our customers come up against and has a RSPH Certificate in Pest Management. After many years of dealing with your problems and experiences she has the answer to all your pest control questions..

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