SX Ant Gel Bait

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Insect Poison Bait
SX Ant Gel Bait comes in a 30g tube and is for the control of garden ants, although it will treat all types of ants.

  • Handy Plunger Design
  • Perfect for Treating Garden Ants
  • Can be used in conjunction with Ant Bait Stations

  • The bait can be used in conjunction with our approved bait stations. Handy plunger design.

    Facts & Tips

  • SX Ant Gel can be used inside an insect bait station or in the Garden Ant Trap Kit.
  • Alternatively, use outside of a bait station as a band or thin ribbon where ants are active, or place a few drops on a flat piece of metal, plastic or glass near the ant run.
  • Take care to keep exposed bait away from animals and children.
  • If either are present, bait stations only should be used.
  • Safety Data

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet