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The vast majority of bird species never come into conflict with human interests, but due to behavioural characteristics, some can be a real nuisance. Pigeons leave their droppings on window ledges and walkways causing an unsightly mess and a dangerous, slippery surface. Seagulls can be a problem with their noise, nests and droppings. Magpies are noisy and often aggressive, particularly at nesting time.

At DIY Pest Control we have a range of products, from deterrents such as Bird Spikes and Gels to scare birds away or stop them perching, to Live Catch Traps. Please remember that all wild birds are protected by law under The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and it is essential that those people carrying out bird management, whether pest professional or layman, understand the legal implications of what they do. A trapped bird must be humanely dispatched and must not be released back into the wild.


DIY Pest Control are stockists of Defender® Bird Spikes, an effective, and importantly, non-lethal and humane way to deal with nuisance birds. Bird spikes can be applied to sills and ledges, rooftops and chimneys and work by stopping birds landing on homes and businesses.

The easiest way to buy your bird spikes is in kit form. Each kit contains everything you need to easily install the spikes, including a handy guide with a wealth of information covering your bird pest and how to deal with it. There are eight packs available, offering protection from any bird problem. Check out our range of products to see which pack you need.

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