Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

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Electronic Traps
    Victor Electronic Mouse Trap uses electricity to humanely kill mice. Advanced smart circuit technology senses when a mouse enters the trap.

  • Kills 100 mice per each set of 4AA batteries
  • High voltage shock kills mice in 5 seconds
  • Easy to use – simply bait, turn on, & empty
  • Built-in safety switch and tunnel design protects children and pets
  • Non-toxic, poison free
  • Blinking Green-light indicates kill

  • Once inside, the mouse is held in place by the trap's patented tunnel design and bevelled columns. This eliminates any chance of bait theft and enables a 100% kill rate. 

    Facts & Tips

  • Place the trap along the wall where rodents primarily travel or where you have seen signs of rodent activity.
  • When you first turn the trap on, the green light will blink momentarily and then you will hear the buzzing or a slight clicking sound indicating that you trap is working properly and starting up.
  • To bait the Electronic Mouse Trap, first make sure the trap is turned off.
  • Place the bait along the back wall of the trap in the bait trough provided.
  • We've carefully researched and recommend baiting with anything high in protein like peanut butter or hazelnut spread. Place a small amount of bait (the size of a pea) against the back wall of the kill chamber.
  • Be sure to use gloves or a tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap.
  • Please don't place the bait or any other material directly on the metal plates as this will falsely trip the system.
  • When the mouse steps onto the metal plates, it completes the circuit and the trap delivers a humane, high-voltage shock.
  • Each time the trap catches a mouse, the indicator light on top flashes green for up to seven days.
  • Not recommended for outdoor use.

    Safety Data

    Keep away from small children once set.

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet