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Insect Bait Stations are the best way to eliminate a whole colony of ants, beetles and other crawling insects but a little patience is required. Bait boxes are great value and will kill your garden pests. Insect bait stations rely on the previously mentioned habit of ants to inform the colony of potential food sources.

How it works

Bait stations should be placed in the area ants are seen foraging for food. An ant will find the bait station and take some bait back to the colony. Because the bait has been carefully formulated to be attractive to black ants, the whole colony will soon start to feed (or be fed) on the bait.

The active ingredient within the bait is slow acting so by the time the whole colony have sampled the bait it is too late and they will all have consumed a lethal dose. The whole colony should be eliminated with a couple of weeks. Make sure that you have enough insect bait stations to feed the whole colony.

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