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We supply a range of mouse bait boxes used for the application of mouse poison in different formulations including grain baits, pasta baits and block baits. These lockable bait boxes are for use in more sensitive areas, and open trays for use in dark secure spaces to encourage rodent feeding. Mouse bait boxes can also be used to hold a mousetrap.

How to use a mouse bait box

All rodenticides should be handled and applied according to manufacturers instructions. Look at our rodenticide safety guide for more information.

Bait boxes should be placed in areas of mouse activity and spaced according to the size of rodent infestation. For help, or more information, on our mouse bait boxes please contact our friendly team.

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    Which mouse bait box do I need?

    We sell various types of mouse bait boxes. Which one you choose depends on

  • aesthetics
  • where you want to bait
  • whether you want to use a mouse trap or not
  • whether you want the box to be pre-baited

  • All of our mouse block bait can be used inside the bait boxes. Loose grain can also be used. Some boxes take a trap and some don't. All boxes are lockable to protect non-target species.

    How do I make sure my mouse bait box attracts mice?

    Mice are naturally inquisitive, so you should have no trouble tempting your mouse to check out any bait you put down. Whichever bait you choose has a strong attractant manufactured within it, to tempt the mouse to nibble. If you use a trap inside the box, peanut butter is usually pretty irresistible.

    How do I open / close my mouse bait box?

    Each bait box you purchase comes with a key, free of charge, unless you opt for a pre-baited one, in which case the box should be disposed of when finished with. This key is used to open and securely close the box. To open the box, simply insert the key and twist to unclip the latch. To close the box, insert the key and twist in the opposite direction or snap the lid into place

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