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We offer a range of Mouse Poisons in different formulations, grain bait, block bait and pasta bait. They are also available with a range of different active ingredients. Using this selection of Rodenticides is the best way to get rid of mice in your home or business. It is all you need to deal with your mouse problem safely and efficiently without the need for a professional pest controller.

If you prefer, we have mouse control kits, in various sizes, containing everything you need to Control your mouse problem in one handy pack.

How it works

Most grain poisons come in easy to use sachets these can be placed as they are within a lockable mouse bait box or if safe to do so emptied in an open bait tray, 
Racan Pasta bait comes in sachets for easy use and contain 4%w/w Alphachloralose.

This poison is designed to kill mice within 24 hours. Mouse bait blocks are designed to be used within bait stations. They contain 0.0025% w/w Brodifacoum or Difenacoum. They are specially shaped to ensure mice nibble the edges to have the highest effect. Each pack contains, enough to kill up to 40 mice

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