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    Dustick Duster

    The Dustick Duster for Wasp Nests has a heavy duty brass pump for the effective administration of insecticide at height.  A Must for Wasp Nests at Height Very Quick and...

    Gel Bait Applicator Gun

    Gel Bait Applicator Gun is a metering gun specially designed for application and dosing of insect repellent gels, very easy-to-use. Applicator Gun allows easy and precise application of Gel Bait...

    Skeleton Gun

    This Skeleton Gun Applicator is a heavy duty product that will safely and efficiently apply our Decorators Caulk and Mousestop products and well as any other appropriately tubed paste. Heavy...

    Tango-7 Insecticide Pressure Sprayer

    The Tango-7 Liquid Insecticide Sprayer is a robust 5 litre capacity liquid sprayer is ideal for many horticultural, smallholder, garden or industrial applications. Robust Insecticidal Sprayer 5 litre Capacity Complete...

    Insecticide Pressure Sprayer 1.5ltr

    Insecticide Hand Pressure Sprayer 1.5 ltr by Delta Tec is a working capacity hand sprayer with adjustable nozzle and fitted with viton washers, ideal for spraying any diluted insecticide concentrate....

    Pest Pistol® Extension Tube

    Pest Pistol® Extension Tube is a 12-inch extension tube for use with the Pest Pistol® bellows duster when you need to reach higher or into recessed openings. Allows Longer Reach...

    Polminor Insect Powder Dust Bellows 2ltr

    The Polminor Insect Powder Dusting Bellows holds up to 2 litres of powder or dust, making it ideal for distributing insect control products. Quality Powder Duster Large 2 ltr Capacity...

    Pest Pistol Insect Duster

    The Pest Pistol® Insect Duster is a first choice, low cost bellows duster that is both powerful and easy to use. Low Cost Powder Duster Bellows Design Easy Fill and...
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