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    Dustick Duster

    The Dustick Duster for Wasp Nests has a heavy duty brass pump for the effective administration of insecticide at height.  A Must for Wasp Nests at Height Very Quick and...

    Gel Bait Applicator Gun

    Gel Bait Applicator Gun is a metering gun specially designed for application and dosing of insect repellent gels, very easy-to-use. Applicator Gun allows easy and precise application of Gel Bait...

    Pest Pistol® Extension Tube

    Pest Pistol® Extension Tube is a 12-inch extension tube for use with the Pest Pistol® bellows duster when you need to reach higher or into recessed openings. Allows Longer Reach...

    Skeleton Gun

    This Skeleton Gun Applicator is a heavy duty product that will safely and efficiently apply our Decorators Caulk and Mousestop products and well as any other appropriately tubed paste. Heavy...

    Tango-7 Insecticide Pressure Sprayer

    The Tango-7 Liquid Insecticide Sprayer is a robust 5 litre capacity liquid sprayer is ideal for many horticultural, smallholder, garden or industrial applications. Robust Insecticidal Sprayer 5 litre Capacity Complete...

    Insecticide Pressure Sprayer 1.5ltr

    Insecticide Hand Pressure Sprayer 1.5 ltr by Delta Tec is a working capacity hand sprayer with adjustable nozzle and fitted with viton washers, ideal for spraying any diluted insecticide concentrate....

    Polminor Insect Powder Dust Bellows 2ltr

    The Polminor Insect Powder Dusting Bellows holds up to 2 litres of powder or dust, making it ideal for distributing insect control products. Quality Powder Duster Large 2 ltr Capacity...

    Pest Pistol Insect Duster

    The Pest Pistol® Insect Duster is a first choice, low cost bellows duster that is both powerful and easy to use. Low Cost Powder Duster Bellows Design Easy Fill and...
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