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Rat traps are a fast, lethal, humane and effective method of pest control management. Rats are commonly averse to entering traps, however a succulent bait or a spot of rat attractant may tempt them in. We stock a selective range of rat traps. 

How it works

All our rat traps are very easy to set but must be placed either inside a rat bait box or in a place inaccessible to children or non-target species, especially your pets. They are all come with bait cups either fixed or removable, both types should be baited before setting.

The Trapper T-Rex combines trigger sensitivity with the exact trap velocity needed to capture and hold rats. Its patented interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible. With a Snap E Rat Trap , it's the end of the road for rats. The quick response time makes certain that once caught, the rodent stays caught!

All our traps are made of durable polystyrene and steel. They resist stains and odours common in old-fashioned wooden traps, are easy to clean and can be reused for years of service. They're safe, simple and sanitary.

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    How do I set the trap up?
    • Smear bait all over the plate of the trap
    • Place the trap, baited but unset, into position and leave for 2-3 days
    • The next day set the trap by pulling the bar back and down until it clips into place
    Can I use traps with children and pets around?

    Yes, you can. To keep prying fingers and noses away from the trap, enclose it in a rat bait box. It's by far the safest way

    Tips for setting traps
    • Leave them baited but not set for a few days to allow the rats to accustom themselves to them. Rats are shy of new things
    • Place alongside walls as rats keep to the extremities of rooms for protection
    • Place the baited end of the trap towards the wall so the bait is in the line of travel of the rodent
    • Make sure you have lots of traps set at the same time
    • If there is any chance a child or pet could interfere with a baited trap, enclose it in a bait box. Trap springs are very powerful, enough to break a finger!


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