Mouse Control Kit - Difenacoum

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Mouse Control Kits
We have created two handy Mouse Control Kits, containing 0.0025% w/w difenacoum, for use indoors or outdoors (around buildings only). Select which kit you require depending on the extent of the infestation you may have.

  • Everything you Need in One Pack
  • Sufficient to Kill 50 + Mice
  • Ideal for Domestic and Commercial use

  • Each kit consist of multiple sachets of Roban 25 Cut Wheat grain bait each containing 40g, one or more tubs of Knockout Romax D Block Bait, each containing 15 blocks, plus a selection of mouse bait boxes, traps and open bait trays.

    The bait boxes should be placed in secure positions frequented by mice, away from any non-target species.

    The bait may be kept as sachets or opened and used in the open bait trays. We also include gloves, and a disposal bag for the hygienic disposal of any dead mice.

    Read our facts and tips on how to use these kits.

    Kit 1: 10 sachets Roban 25 Cut Wheat Bait, 40g each (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0992-0007), 1 x tub Knockout Romax D Block Bait, (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0994-0005 ), 4 Euro Mouse Boxes, 5 Mouse Bait Trays, 2 Snap E Mouse Traps

    Kit 2: 20 sachets Roban 25 Cut Wheat Bait, 40g each (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0992-0007), 2 x tub Knockout Romax D Block Bait, (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0994-0005), 8 Euro Mouse Boxes, 10 Mouse Bait Trays, 4 Snap E Mouse Traps

    Facts & Tips

    Using traps:

  • Traps should be placed at right-angles to the direction of rodent travel, the treadle end of the trap being placed across the rodent run, against a vertical surface.
  • Baits or attractants can increase catch rates if placed on the treadle.
  • Traps should also be placed so as to avoid trapping non-target species. Bear in mind that animals become trap shy with prolonged use and that the absence of trapped animals does not necessarily confirm the absence of rodents.

  • Using bait trays and bait boxes:

  • Open bait trays should be placed in secure, covered positions where non-target species (birds, hedgehogs, dogs, cats and children) cannot access them, whilst the locked bait boxes may be discreetly placed in more exposed but equally secure positions.
  • Mice eat little and often so to be effective a large number of baiting points should be used.
  • Mice exhibit a rapid investigatory response to new objects, but their interest wanes rapidly and they move on to something new. To be successful in controlling mice you need to be proactive.
  • Move and refresh bait points every 2-3 days.
  • Use bait points of 20-30g, 5m apart, reducing to 2m in heavy infestation.
  • Safety Data

    The active ingredient is 0.0025% w/w difenacoum.

    Click here for Roban Cut Wheat Safety Data Sheet.

    Click here for Romax D Block Safety Data Sheet.