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Woodlice are perfectly harmless and are normally quite happy to stay outside where they can find a nice damp spot to set up home. They do tend to wander inside if conditions are right and for some reason people seem to find them quite alarming. The best method of treatment is a woodlice smoke bomb as insecticidal powders are not effective in damp conditions. It provides an immediate and effective solution to woodlice and other crawling, and flying insects. It works by emitting a plume of insecticidal smoke containing 13.25% permethrin. It is safe and easy to use and is particularly useful for hard to reach areas.

DIY Pest Control sell smoke bombs in three sizes - 3.5g, 11g and 27g, providing effective treatment for areas ranging from 7.5 to 62.5 cubic metres, for woodlice. The larger bombs are perfect for larger spaces or open plan rooms. Once the smoke bomb is lit, the room to be treated needs to be left closed for a few hours to allow the insecticide to dissipate. Woodlice smoke bombs leave no smell or residue and after thorough ventilation, the treated area can be re-entered. It should be noted that the SX Supasmoke is a professional use only product and should only be administered by a professional pest controller.

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