Ant Bait Station Kit

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This indoor Ant Bait Station Kit is the ideal kit to buy to eradicate ants in your home.

  • Kills ants quickly and effectively
  • Eradicates the whole nest
  • Easy to use Ant Kit
  • For Indoor use
  • Top up baits available
    The kit comes with five bait stations, a 30g tube of SX Ant Gel and a 100g drum of Residex P (The Ant-Gel and Residex P can be purchased separately).

    Most people suffer from ants in their house at some time. There are many steps you can take to deter their appearance.

    If you have any shrubs close to the house with aphid infestation, treat them as this will attract ants. look for any obvious holes that may give the ants access to your house. These can be filled with a Caulk Filler.

    Facts & Tips

    Ants prefer sweet food, high protein food even grease and fat. Make sure you clean any food spillages especially any that may have seeped under your kitchen units. Wipe down your work surfaces regularly, you can use a solution of water with a little vinegar. Store your food products wherever possible in sealed containers.

    Just place a few drops of the SX Ant Gel into the bait station, preferably in the evening, and place the trap where there is ant activity. The active ingredient will attract the ants who will carry the poison back to the nest and eradicate the whole colony. Be patient and replace the bait daily. The Residex P should be dusted along ant runs and into cracks where ants congregate.

    SX Ant Gel can also be used outside of a bait station as a band or thin ribbon where ants are active. Take care to keep exposed bait away from animals and children. If either are present, bait stations only should be used.

    Safety Data

    SX Ant Gel active ingredient 0.1% Cypermethrin HSE No 9324
    Residex P active ingredient 0.49% PermethrinHSE No 5699

    Click here for SX Ant Gel Safety Data Sheet

    Click Here for Residex P Safety Data Sheet