Biopren Pharaoh Ant Killer

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Insect Poison Bait

Biopren Pharaoh Ant Colony Killer comes in a 2.5g sachet. It contains an insect growth regulator that will not immediately kill the ants but will prevent the queens laying eggs and will interrupt the natural development of the larvae. A nest should be eliminated in 12-14 weeks.

  • Effective Pharaoh Ant Killer
  • Professional Product
  • Destroys the Nest
  • Can be used for other tropical ants
  • Destroys colonies in 12-14 weeks

  • Pharaoh Ants live in colonies with their nests in concealed places, mainly in kitchens and bathrooms e.g.. in wall cracks, along pipes and around sockets.
    A single ants nest may consist of several thousands of workers, which are 2-3mm long and yellowish brown, as well as several queens, unlike other ant species. Control of Pharaoh Ants requires a special formulation, since failure to control all the queens and workers can result in the colony surviving.
    Biopren contains attractants and nutrients as well as an insect growth regulator which has no immediate killing effect, but prevents queens from laying eggs and causes disorders in the development of larvae. When Biopren is used, ant colonies die off in 12-14 weeks

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    Facts & Tips

    To use cut the top off the plastic pack along the dotted lines and stick the bait station, opening uppermost, along ant runs or near to ant nestsAfter placing the bait stations you may see more ant activity than before. This is because of the attractiveness of the bait. 2-3 bait stations should suffice for the average sized kitchen or bathroom. For larger rooms use one bait station at least every 5m2. Replace the bait if it becomes used up or if it gets damaged or soaked by water.

    Where it is necessary to reduce the numbers of migrating worker ants immediately, the use of an insecticide spray is recommended at least two weeks prior to baiting with Biopren. Otherwise the use of another insecticide is only recommended for removing the remaining worker ants once the effects of the baiting programme are complete. To ensure complete control it is recommended leaving the bait stations in place for three months even if the ants have seemingly disappeared.

    Do not use any other insecticide to kill migrating ants as this will delay the amount of bait getting back to the nest.

    Safety Data

    Do not site the bait station where there is a risk that the contents may enter drains. Contains 0.5% s-methoprene.

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    HSE No. 9366