Bird Free Deterrent Gel

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Bird Deterrents

Bird Free Deterrent Gel is an innovative bird control product. As the visual spectrum of pest birds includes ultraviolet, Bird Free Deterrent Gel appears to them as fire, preventing them roosting and nesting.

  • Non-toxic
  • Durable, long-lasting effect
  • Effective but harmless
    The gel comes in a tube with 15 plastic trays. These can be secured in place with any commercially available silicone and because they are only 8mm deep, they maintain the aesthetic appearance of the building.

    Bird Free can be used indoors and outdoors and has been successfully installed at airports, government buildings, sports stadia, railway stations, hospitals and historic buildings around the world.

    Especially formulated to be durable, Bird Free is not adversely affected by extremes of temperature, nor by wind, rain or snow. Left undisturbed it will remain effective for at least two years after application.

    Facts & Tips

    The product should be applied in the supplied plastic dishes and not directly onto sills, copings, ledges, gutter edges, signs etc where the dishes cannot be fixed.
    Wear disposable gloves and apply at ambient temperatures or in rin or damp weather. Do not apply if the repellent could deter desirable bird species.

    For most effective application, prepare the surfaces for treatment by removing birds nests, dirt, droppings and other debris. This can be done with a commerially prepared product or with water and detergent. Damp wit water to prevent airborne dust and wear respiratory protection. Allow surfaces to dry fully.

    Gel should be spaced at 10-50cm intervals depending on the concentration of birds.

    Safety Data

    The UK's Health & Safety Executive has granted Bird Free® a derogation (or exemption) under the EC Biocidal Products Directive on the basis that its active ingredients are foods consumed by humans.