Defender Gull Wide Steel Bird Spike

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Bird Proofing
Defender® Gull Wide Steel is a tried and tested best selling bird spike. It has a very sturdy base almost twice the thickness and weight of other similar products.

  • First Choice for Professionals
  • Protects Ledges up to 275mm Wide (11")
  • UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for Gulls and Pigeons

  • The extra thickness also gives greater UV stability, significantly improving life expectancy. Perfect for gulls and pigeons. These spikes are longer than the normal wide spikes to combat the Gulls longer legs.

    Price is per metre. 1 metre consists of 3 separate 33cm long strips. Spikes can be fixed using Defender Silicone or screwed if practical.

    Facts & Tips

     Before fitting your bird spikes you must ensure the surfaces you are protecting are clean and dry.

    Safety Data

    Before climbing ladders for any installation, carry out a risk assessment and ensure you have all the safety equipment you may require. Ideally always have another person to assist.