Defender Gutter Bird Spikes Pack

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Bird Proofing
Defender® GutterBird Spikes Pack protects gutters from seagull and pigeons landing and nesting while allowing for the free flow of water beneath.

  • Easy to Fit
  • Use with with Gutters Clips
  • Fits Half Round & Square Gutters
  • 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Each 3 metre pack contains 9 x 333mmm pre-assembled strips that fit both half round and square gutters by simply clipping onto the edge. Also included is the 40 page Defender Pigeon deterrent Guide and a 15 year warranty certificate.

    Facts & Tips

     Please read the enclosed fitting guide for installation instructions

    Safety Data

    Before climbing ladders for any installation, carry out a risk assessment and ensure you have all the safety equipment you may require. Ideally always have another person to assist.