Defender Roof Ridge Bird Spike Pack

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Bird Proofing

Defender Roof Ridge Bird Spike Pack contains all you will need to stop pigeons and seagulls landing, perching or roosting on roofs.

  • Pigeon and Seagull Proof your Ridges
  • All you Need in a Handy Pack
  • 304 Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Includes Fitting Instructions
  • 25 Year "No-Rust" Warranty

  • Remove birds from the ridge and they often abandon the property altogether.
    Each pack contains 3 metres of triangular based Ridge Spikes that fit securely over any angled apex ridge (9 x 333mm strips) and Defender Bird Spike Adhesive. Also included is a seagull and pigeon Deterrent Guide and a 25 year "No-Rust" Warranty Certificate.

    Facts & Tips

    These ridge spikes can also be purchased by the metre for those that require greater coverage. Call the office for details.

    Safety Data

    Please read the enclosed fitting guide for installation instructions.
    Before climbing ladders for any installation, carry out a risk assessment and ensure you have all the safety equipment you may require. Ideally always have another person to assist.