Defender Starling and Sparrow Bird Spikes

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Bird Proofing
Defender® Starling and Sparrow Bird Spikes is a densely spiked (240 wires per strip) bird spike designed for small birds like sparrows and starlings, but is also effective against pigeons and gulls.

  • For Starlings and Sparrows
  • Dense Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Protects Ledges up to 125 mm (5")
    The strip length is 620 mm with a pin height of 100 mm and includes 2 x RB stabilising clips. It also comes with a 25 year manufacturers "No-Rust Warranty".
    Price is per 620 mm Strip.

    Facts & Tips

    Before fitting your bird spikes you must ensure the surfaces you are protecting are clean and dry.

    Safety Data

    Before climbing ladders for any installation, carry out a risk assessment and ensure you have all the safety equipment you may require. Ideally always have another person to assist.