Electric Fly Killer

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Electric Fly Killers

The Insect-O-Cutor Prism® Electric Fly Killer is sleek and ultra-stylish, the unit was designed with the consumer in mind.

  • Stylish and slim design for space efficacy in the home
  • Pre-installed UV tube and glueboard
  • Desk or wall mounted
  • UV Stable polycarbonate
  • Easy tool free access and efficient servicing
  • Light output from the top, front and both sides allows for a better catch rate

  • Ideal for use in the kitchen, lounge and conservatory areas, the Prism® is the ultimate easy to use and hygienic solution for a fly free home.

    The striking aluminium façade offers a stylish touch to the living space whilst optimising the UV light output to maximise efficacy in attracting flying insects. with light output from the top, front and sides, the carefully thought out design allows for a better catch rate. high quality UV stable polycarbonate base protects the life of the product. The specially designed patented glue-board removal at the back of the unit helps to shield users from seeing any caught insects.

    Spare Lamps and Glueboards are also available.

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