EZ Baiter Rat Bait Box

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Rat Bait Boxes
The EZ Baiter Rat Bait Box is a multifunctional rat bait station that exploits the natural behaviour of rats to run through tunnels.

  • Tough Waterproof Design to Preserve Bait
  • Tunnel Style Entrance for Rapid Acceptance
  • Accommodates a Snap-E Rat Trap
  • Visual Bait Tubes Show Consumption Rate

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    1 bait box - £8.10 each
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    Facts & Tips

    Two transparent vertical tubes are inserted into the top of the bait station to hold loose bait such as Roban Cut Wheat or Rodex Whole Wheat, helping to keep the bait fresh until eaten. The transparent tubes also enable easy bait take monitoring.

    The bait station can also be used without the tubes but with blocks or sachets if preferred.

    The E-Z baiter is also designed to hold a Snap-E Rat Trap for situations where poisons are not appropriate.

    For the sake non-target species, you should always contain rodenticides safely within a bait station, especially when baiting outdoors.

    Safety Data