Fruit Fly Trap

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Insect Traps
The Fruit Fly Trap comes in a pack of two and is ready to use. It is an excellent and highly effective Fruit Fly Trap.

  • Non Toxic Insect Control
  • Ready to use Trap
  • Discreet

  • It is a free standing unit, perfect for areas where there is a permanent fruit fly problem. It dramatically reduces fruit fly populations by using a sweet smelling lure. It is very safe and perfect for use in homes,pubs,cafes and restaurants etc.

    Facts & Tips

    To use, carefully puncture a hole in the centre of the moulded depression in the lemon with a ballpoint pen or similar implement; ensure that the hole is just large enough to allow the insects to enter (about 1/8 inch). Position the trap where pest problems are expected; the trap may hang vertically from the attachment hole or may be placed flat on its base.

    The trap should be inspected regularly and replaced after 3 months or when the trap becomes full of dead insects. Once this happens, dispose of traps via standard disposal means. Trap positions should be altered so that the greatest concentration of traps is found in the area of highest insect activity.

    Safety Data

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet