Gel Bait Applicator Gun

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Application Equipment
Gel Bait Applicator Gun is a metering gun specially designed for application and dosing of insect repellent gels, very easy-to-use.

  • Applicator Gun allows easy and precise application of Gel Bait
  • Prevent the Gel flow during use
  • Use a fixed quantity to reduce cost and protect environment
  • Good for getting into cracks and crevices
  • A lightweight and cost-effective bait applicator gun
  • Fits most insecticidal gel syringes
  • Re-use over and over again

  • It has a ratchet system that enables an exact amount of the product to be dispensed, so each squeeze of the trigger allows the user to apply the correct amount of bait every time.

    The gun is made of plastic and metal parts that can be easily cleaned. Due to its low weight, it can easily be used for a long time. The plastic axis is the amount of pre-set gel under the action of the pressure created by a built-in spring.

    Facts & Tips

    1. Push the Plunger Rod of the Bait Gun inside the Syringe by 1~1.5 cm;
    2. Insert Plunger Head obliquely into the Syringe to evacuate air in between the   space;
    3. Push the Pluger Rod smoothly until the Plunger Head reach to the set the base of Syringe to the Bait Gun;
    4. Remove the Syringe Tip and pull the Trigger smoothly;
    5. Check the Gel amount and reset the Gel Control Stopper if needed;
    6. Take reverse procedure when needed to separate the Bait Gun from Syringe;

    Safety Data