Insectaclear Strong Insect Spray

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Synthetic Sprays

Insectaclear Strong 1ltr. is a highly effective ready to use insect spray that contains professional active ingredients.

  • Effective again bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches
  • Can be used on mattresses, bedding and carpets
  • Ready to use insect spray

  • It can be used to control bedbugs, fleas, houseflies, cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes and moths in kitchens, food processing areas, hospitals, shops and other public buildings.
    Also used in domestic premises on mattresses, carpets and bedding.

    Facts & Tips

    Product should be applied as a surface spray at a rate of 1ltr per 8 square metres. Very toxic to aquatic life.

    Safety Data 

    Always read the product instructions before using.

    Hazardous to bees. Do not apply directly to animals. Do not apply to clothing. Read all precautions before use.

    Contains cyphenothrin 0.06% w/w imiprothrin 0.04% w/w

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet