Insecto Clothes Moth Trap

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Insect Traps
Insecto Clothes Moth Trap is a highly effective non-toxic moth trap with sexual pheromones for the detection and the prevention of clothes moths in carpets, curtains, clothing and all wool fabrics.

  • Non toxic trap
  • With sexual pheromone
  • Two traps per box

  • The trap is supplied as a pair and comes with full instructions.

    Facts & Tips

  • Clothes moth larvae feed on keratin in wool, feathers, fur, hair etc. They are especially damaging to fabric stained with beverages, urine, oil from hair and sweat.
  • This trap will lure the male clothes moths. An early detection will allow you to remove or immediately treat the attacked material.
  • Remove the covering strip from the adhesive surface. Fold as shown on the packaging diagram and place the traps in the neighbourhood of the objects to be protected.
  • The best result is obtained by placing the trap on the ground.
  • Check the trap once a week and replace every 2 months. 1 trap per drawer or per room.
  • Safety Data

    Keep out of reach of children.