Insecto Wasp Nest Destroyer

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Insecto Wasp Nest Destroyer 300ml Pro Formula is a foam that kills wasps in their nest from a distance. A fast and effective method that kills the nest within twenty-four hours.

  • Kills Wasps in the Nest
  • Effective Within 24 Hours
  • Enough to Treat Three Large Wasp Nest

  • Simply point the can at the nest from approximately two metres and release – the foam expands as soon as it hits the nest killing all the wasps within. Use this product when you can see the whole nest, in a loft, shed, garage, tree etc. 300ml of foam is enough to treat three large nests. 

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    Facts & Tips

    Insecto Wasp Nest Foam Destroyer is an effective foaming insecticide which kills wasps in the nest on contact.

    300ml is sufficient for 2 – 3 treatments depending on the nest size.

    It is recommended to use the treatment in the early morning or late evening when wasp activity is reduced and they are more likely to be present in the nest.

    Ensure other adults, children and pets are kept away from the nest area. - Shake the can well before use.

    Holding the can upright stand at least 2 metres from the nest and project the foam stream at the nest entrance. Spray the nest for 8 seconds to thoroughly wet the nest. Ensure that there is coverage over and around the entrance

    Apply an 8 second burst of aerosol for 50 cm nests or a 12 second for 80cm nests
    Do not stand directly underneath the nest and consider wind direction, application by ladders should only be attempted by professionals.

    Wear suitably protective clothing in case the wasps become active.

    If the nest entrance is not visible spray where wasp activity is seen, for example through holes or gaps in walls.

    If wasp activity is seen again after treatment which can occur, repeat the application. - Avoid contact with paintwork.

    Safety Data

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