Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap

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Lethal Traps

The Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap was approved for use in the Uk from 1st March 1993 against grey squirrel, mink, stoat, weasel, rats and mice.

  • Approved for use against Grey Squirrels
  • Very Humane and quick Kill
  • Easy Setting

  • It is a self contained unit and is widely considered one of the safest setting and humane traps in the world today.

    Facts & Tips

  • It is a perfect grey squirrel trap baited with peanuts.
  • If setting in a tree, drive two nails in and suspend the trap by the hanging loops.
  • Ensure the trap is well fixed and does not wobble.
  • Remember the trap needs to be easily taken down to remove a catch and reset.

  • To comply with The Spring Traps Approval legislation the Kania spring trap must have an appropriate tunnel fitted at front of the entrance.

    Safety Data

    Always ensure traps are set legally and correctly, properly protected and beyond the reach of non-target species. The Kania 2000 Tunnel can be purchased to this end. Always check set traps at least once a day.