Oa2ki Organic Silverfish Spray 500ml

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Natural Sprays
Oa2ki Organic Silverfish Spray 500ml is a ready to use organic insect control agent based entirely on concentrated natural plant oil extracts of food grade quality.

  • Poison Free Product
  • Handy Trigger Spray
  • Quick Knockdown Action

  • It is a totally pesticide free trigger spray for all common flying and crawling insects, can be used indoors and out.

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    Facts & Tips

    Oa2ki is pesticide free and functions solely by physical means. It is effective in controlling most types of common crawling and flying insects such as ants, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and stored product insects. Due to its physical mode of action, insects cannot develop resistance to the spray.

    Ants - spray the entrance to the nest or open the nest and spray directly onto the eggs. Indoors apply product where trailing ants are seen

    Fleas - spray directly onto pet bedding. Effective against adult fleas, larvae and eggs. Do not spray the animal

    Other pests - apply to cracks and crevices where insects hide

    Avoid spraying near highly polished wax surfaces. Do not spray directly onto animals, plants or foodstuff. Product may mark or darken absorbent surfaces, any marks should disappear within a few days but if any out, spray a small test area first.

    Safety Data

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