Pest Pistol Insect Duster

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Application Equipment

The Pest Pistol® Insect Duster is a first choice, low cost bellows duster that is both powerful and easy to use.

  • Low Cost Powder Duster
  • Bellows Design
  • Easy Fill and Use

    It will disperse insecticidal dust into cracks and crevices or into a void. Also ideal for administering insecticide to wasps nests.Optional extension tube available.

  • Facts & Tips

    A duster holds 225g of dust per application and has a wide mouth making it easy to fill. The body, bellows, tube and nozzle are made of long-life plastic meaning the duster will not rust. An interior filter helps prevent clogging, but should any arise, a simple tap on a hard surface should resolve the issue.

    Safety Data