Plug-in Insect Trap

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Electric Fly Killers
Plug-in Sticky Insect Trap has a discrete and attractive design which is recommended for use in domestic and professional environments.

  • Plug-in fly killer, no batteries required
  • Sanitary, economical and convenient
  • Indoor use only
  • Spare lamps and glue boards available

  • Using a UK 230v mains socket, no batteries are required.

    The Plug-in uses a powerful ultraviolet lamp which attracts flying insects.

    The glue board is placed on the inside of the unit which traps the flying insects providing discrete control.

    Facts & Tips

    Change lamps annually to maintain maximum attraction.

    Check glue board regularly and change when required.

    Safety Data

    Read enclosed instructions before using appliance. Use in UK 3 pin mains socket.