Protect-a-Lite Insect Trap

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Electric Fly Killers
Protect-a-Lite 8 is a discrete Insect Light Trap for areas up to 18m2. With its discrete and attractive design the unit is recommended for use in domestic and office environments, it can be used free standing or wall mounted.

  • Discrete & attractive design
  • Suitable for domestic or office use
  • Indoor only

  • The Protect-a-lite 8 uses a powerful ultraviolet lamp which attracts flying insects. On the inside of the unit is a Glue-board is on which the insects are trapped. Kill all flies attracted to UV light.

    Facts & Tips

    Use indoors only. Spare glue boards and spare lamps are available.

    Safety Data

    Please read instructions enclosed with products. Operates on 230v supply.