Protector Natural Insecticidal Aerosol 530ml

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Natural Sprays
Protector Natural Insecticidal Aerosol 530ml space and surface spray contains 0.20% w/w pyrethrins.

It is a water based product containing 100% natural ingredients based on extracts from African Chrysanthemums, with no solvent smell.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Rapid Action
  • Use on Hard Surfaces and Soft Furnishings

  • Combined with its rapid knockdown activity against a wide range of pests, Protector Natural is ideal for use in the home and is cleared for use in food preparation areas.

    Facts & Tips

  • As a space spray a 2-3 second burst is sufficient for an average sized room of 30 cubic metres.
  • As a surface spray a 4-6 second burst will treat 1 square metre.
  • Keep away from treated surfaces until dryDo not apply directly to animals. Do not apply to clothing.
  • Safety Data

    Hazardous to bees.

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet