Rat and Mouse Bait Trays

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Rat Bait Boxes
Rat and Mouse Bait Trays are open trays into which you can place loose rodenticides such as cut wheat, or pellets.

  • Open trays for loose bait
  • Sold in pack of 10
  • Small, medium and large available

  • Sold in packs of 10 trays. Small and medium sized are for mice and large for rats. Select size you require from the dropdown.

    Facts & Tips

  • Open trays placed in dark, sheltered positions encourage rats and mice to feed but this poses a high risk to non-target species.
  • Always ensure there is no access to children, wildlife or domestic animals.
  • Bait boxes should always be used to contain rodenticides in order to protect non-target species, particularly when baiting outdoors.
  • Safety Data