Spider Repellent Spray 500ml

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Spider and Insect Repellent Spray is an insect repellent for amateur use against flying and crawling insects such as spiders, flies, mosquitoes and wasps, for use in or on buildings and structures.

  • Repels all Crawling and Flying Insects
  • Great Surface Cleaner
  • Contains Lavandin Oil

  • Cleans the surface from faeces of spiders and insects.

    Facts & Tips

  • Always wear rubber gloves. Shake well before use.
  • Remove present spiders and webs.
  • Next remove as much soiling as possible by the use of brushing and water.
  • Spray into joints, corners and crannies and remove any excess liquid (droplets) to prevent any stains or lines from tarnishing the surface.
  • Should the product get in contact with your hands, rinsing with water is sufficient.

  • Apply the product at least twice a year in the period April-September.

    Spider Free works for at least 3 months and can have an after-effect for up to 6 months depending on the weather and volume of insects.

    Safety Data

    Contains Lavandin Oil. The only HSE approved Spider Repellent in the UK. HSE No 9832.

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet