SX Cockroach Glue Pad Traps

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Insect Traps
SX Cockroach Glue Pad Traps catch cockroaches discreetly and effectively.

These pre-baited cockroach glue pads are very simple to use, pesticide free and come with full instructions on the trap itself.

  • Effective and Discreet
  • Simple to use
  • Pre-baited and Pesticide Free

  • They are available in sealed packs of 10 and are immensely effective at luring and catching cockroaches. Further treatment using other products may be required depending on the size of the infestation.

    Facts & Tips

    Peel off the paper from the sticky base, which is pre-baited with a lure. Fold the trap as per instructions and put wherever cockroaches hide. 

    Safety Data

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet