SX Cockroach Supasmoke Smoke Bomb 27g

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Insect Smoke Bomb
SX Cockroach Supasmoke Smoke Bomb 27g is a large, ready to use Insecticidal Smoke Bomb providing highly effective control of flying and crawling insects in difficult to reach places, loft spaces or empty greenhouses.

  • Effective for Killing all Insects in Hard to Reach Places
  • No sparks. Safe and Easy to Use
  • Ideal for Particularly Large Spaces

  • May also be used in zoos, pet shops, kennels, veterinary practices and laboratory animal houses. Not for use on stored product insects on grain or in empty grain stores. The active ingredient is 13.25% permethrin.

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    Facts & Tips

  • Stand the smoke bomb on a solid surface such as a plate or slate and light the unique low spark fuse. The resulting insecticidal smoke will penetrate all areas leaving no unsightly deposit, tainting or odour.
  • This product may emit some sparks upon ignition. Caution must be taken when lighting
  • For best results, fumigate in the late afternoon and leave the house or building for a minimum of 2 hours
  • Clear people and animals including fish from the room before use.
  • For severe infestations fumigate 3 times at 5 to 7 day intervals

  • One SX Supasmoke Smoke Bomb will treat the following areas:

  • Flying Insects, eg. cluster flies; fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps 1000 cubic metres.
  • Crawling Insects, eg. fleas and carpet moths 250 cubic metres.
  • Crawling Insects, eg. ants, cockroaches, woodlice, bed bugs 62.5 cubic metres.
  • Safety Data

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