SX One Rat Bait Box

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Rat Bait Boxes
The SX One Rat Bait Box is a versatile rat baiting station. The box can take loose bait, blocks or the Snap E Rat Trap if non-toxic control is preferred.

  • Versatile Rat Baiting Station
  • Keeps all Poison Baits Safe from Non-Target Species
  • Takes Loose Bait, Blocks or a Snap E Rat Trap
  • Lockable and Secure

  • Size: L250mm x W170mm x H115mm, comes with key.

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    1 bait box - £8.40 each
    3 bait boxes - £7.44 each

    Facts & Tips

    Bait dividers and rods for securing bait are provided along with a key so the bait box can be used again and again.

    Bait boxes should always be used to contain rodenticides in order to protect non-target species, particularly when baiting outdoors.

    Safety Data