Trap E Mouse Box

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Mouse Bait Boxes
Trap E Mouse Box comes with a Snap E Mouse trap and key included. The bait box is transparent that allows you to see if the trap has been activated.

  • Lockable Mouse Trap Box
  • Easy to Service
  • Includes Snap E Mouse Trap
  • Works as a Monitor and Bait Station

  • Can also be used to contain Poison Bait Blocks. Paste Bait or Grain Bait Sachets.

    The Bait Station is supplied with a Snap E Mouse Trap which is escape proof and the innovative design ensures you'll never touch another mouse. The mechanism is smart, the materials are rugged.

    Snap-E mouse traps are easy to use and made to last. Use them year after year. They're safe, simple and sanitary. Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough. Smart engineering - including a larger trip paddle and strike bar - makes them work every time.

    The bait Box is lockable for safety and security and comes with a key.

    Facts & Tips

    The Bait Box opens like a book making it easy to service, just line the entry holes with the wall and it is ready to use. It comes with a special two-prong key.

    For effective control of a small infestation a minimum of four boxes should be used; more for moderate to large infestations.

    A small infestation might be up to 10 mice, and a medium infestation up to 20 individuals

    Use the viewing windows to check if the mouse trap has been activated.

    Safety Data

    The box is considered appropriate for use in sensitive areas where other animals or children have access to the bait stations.