Trapper Clockwork Mouse Trap

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Rodent Live Capture Traps
Trapper Clockwork Mouse Trap is a multiple-catch mouse trap that holds up to 15 mice. It is a winding trap with a clear view top.

  • Live-Catch Trap
  • Holds up to 15 mice
  • Humane and Effective

  • Simply wind the knob and place the Trapper in areas where mice travel.

    Facts & Tips

    This clock-work multi catch mouse trap is a highly efficient way to clear out a small, localised infestation humanely and quickly.

    Mice are naturally inquisitive and enter the holes out of curiosity. They are swept into the capture compartment and can be released unharmed.

  • To bait or access the captured mice, lift and slide lid where indicated.
  • Wind hand no more than six times to set and place the trap against a wall where you know mice run.
  • There is no need to bait but you can add a small amount of Provoke mouse attractant or peanut butter, it will save the mice from getting too hungry before you release them.
  • The mice will be less stressed if you put a small amount of newspaper or cloth in the there for them to hide under.
  • However make sure you can see if you have mice in there as they should not be left for more than 12 hours.
  • Safety Data