Trip Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap

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Rodent Live Capture Traps
Trip Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap is a very efficient and 'stylish' single live-catch mouse trap. It has a simple but efficient one way door.

  • Live-catch Mouse Trap
  • Humane and Effective
  • Bait Required

  • The rear part of the trap can be removed in order to bait the trap or to release the mouse. Humane and effective. The transparent plastic body means trap can be easily monitored, plentiful ventilation points reduce the stress for trapped mice.

    Facts & Tips

  • Simply remove the rear part of the trap to bait with peanut butter or a purpose made attractant such as Provoke Mouse Attractant and replace.
  • Set the trap by opening the door and that's it. Any mouse going for the bait will trigger the catch and the door will close.
  • The mouse can then be released unharmed.
  • Safety Data