Victor Electronic Rat Trap

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Electronic Traps
Victor Electronic Rat Trap is extremely easy to use. Simply bait, place, turn on and empty. The trap is equipped with advanced smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters the trap. 

  • Kills 50 rats per each set of 4C / LR14 batteries
  • High voltage shock kills rats in seconds
  • Easy to use – simply bait, turn on, & empty
  • Non-toxic, poison free
  • Blinking Green-light indicates kill
  • Indoor use only
  • No-see, no-touch experience

  • Once inside, the rat steps onto the metal plates, completing the circuit and jolting the rat with a 7,000 volt shock. 

    Facts & Tips

  • Remove the battery cover. Insert 4 "C" batteries.
  • Replace the battery cover.
  • Bait the trap through the hole in the back wall using a small amount of peanut butter, bacon, dry pet food, nuts, etc. Be sure to use a cotton bud, toothpick or another tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap.
  • Place the trap where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along the wall where rodents primarily travel. The trap should be placed lengthwise against the wall with the entrance hole nearest the wall.
  • Turn on the trap – a green light will blink once showing the trap is working properly.
  • A blinking green light will indicate a kill. Dispose of the dead rodent, bait, reset and place for continued rodent control.
  • Since rats can restart their hearts after an electric shock, this trap applies a continuous shock for two minutes to ensure a complete, humane kill.
  • After the rat is dispatched, the trap's indicator light flashes green for up to 24 hours to indicate a kill. If the trap has low batteries, the light will flash red.
  • Safety Data

    Do not allow children to handle the trap once set.

    Click here for Safety Data Sheet