Woodlice Control Kit

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Insect Control Kits
The woodlice control kit is an all in one solution to any woodlice problem and will help you get rid of woodlice effectively in your home. The kit contains four complimentary products an Insecticidal Spray, Organic Powder, Bellows Duster and Smoke Fumer.

  • All you need to Control Woodlice
  • Contains Insecticide Spray, Organic Powder, Insecticide Fumer and Bellows Powder Duster
  • Four Products in one Pack
  • Instructions included

  • The Rentokil Insectrol spray is ideal as a knock-down spray and can be sprayed onto the woodlice for an immediate kill or onto a hard surface where woodlice appear.

    The Organ X powder (diatomaceous earth) is more suitable for areas where spray would not be appropriate as it can be applied in a fine layer to carperts, cracks and crevices.

    We also include a Pest Pistol Duster in the kit as this allows the Organ X powder to be applied with ease into cracks, crevices and voids, all places that woodlice like to gather.

    The final product within the kit is the Forte Fog P Midi Fumer. Smoke Bombs are ideal for infestations in lofts, old chimneys or under floors.

    The Kit Contains:
    Insectrol Aerosol 1 x 250ml
    Organ X Killing Powder 1 x 450g
    Forte Fog P Midi-Fumer 1 x 11g
    Pest Pistol Bellows Duster

     Facts & Tips

    Insectrol is ideal as a knock-down spray or as a residual insecticide. Spray onto the insect for immediate kill or it can be sprayed onto any hard surface where the insects frequent and into cracks and crevices which may harbour woodlice. Used here it will achieve a long lasting insecticidal effect.

    Organ X Killing Powder is a natural dust is also known as diatomaceous earth, made up of tiny fossilised silica diatoms. It works by naturally drawing away all the essential moisture insects require for their development and reproduction. The insects come into contact with the dust as they crawl around and cover themselves with it while grooming. It breaks down the waxy protective coating on the insects' bodies and leads to dessication. Natural dusts are safe to use around pets and their bedding, anywhere in the home and also on plants, their leaves and surrounding soil.

    Forte Fog P Midi-Fumer is ideal for infestations in lofts or chimney breasts. The fumer should be lit and allowed to diffuse for several hours before the room is ventilated. Apply at a rate of one fumer per 7.5 cubic metres. Remove all pets and fish tanks before use. Full instructions are included.

    Safety Data


    Click here for Insectrol Safety Data Sheet

    Click here for Organ X Safety Data Sheet

    Click here for Fortefog P Fumer Safety Data Sheet